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Winners Of The Most Healthy Eating Nursery Award For Birmingham School Catering Companies

At Robinsons catering we are a cost effective school catering company and have excellent choice with our school menus. We provide satisfaction on all fronts due to our unique approach in catering small to large educational institutions.

We conform to all health guidelines and are proud of the high standards we provide to our customers in the Birmingham area and especially providing food to the Birmingham City Council and working closely with them to constantly improve.

At Robinsons catering we are recognise as one of the best school catering companies in the West Midlands. We understand that in order for children to focus on their education, they need a balanced healthy and nutritional meal.

With this in mind we have created menus that are nutritious, balanced, and meet dietary requirements as well as mouth watering children’s palates. We understand that children tend to be some what challenging eaters, this is why with our experience of school catering companies in the Birmingham area we can safely say your children will enjoy our meals everyday and come home to tell their parents of what they have just enjoyed.

We are proud and honoured to have aided some of the institutions we cater to and win the most healthy eating nursery award.

Our menus are planned with healthy nutrition in mind and we pay attention to the finer details which is one of the reasons why our customers are happy and thereby creating success in all our ventures. 

Birmingham's school catering menu


With our range of meals children from all ages will not be bored as they continue to develop their taste buds, as well as gaining confidence in trying different food. With our vast experience in catering for schools we always incorporate variety and creativity with our meals which gets clean plates all the time. This also helps children engage and understand various meals while encouraging them to eat healthily.

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Whether your looking for a school cater as a one off or a nursery cater for a long term solution, Robinson’s catering staff can guide you through this painless process.

All our school meals are salt and MSG free, as we explained at Robinsons its pure cooking with no compromise.

We cater for staff meals as well and this goes down a treat, as we say we work closely with you to create meals for everyone involved.

Our menus are tailor made for each client, as we recognise that one menu wouldn’t suit a nursery and a primary school. With this in mind we will work closely with you to create a purpose built menu to suit all your needs.

To make tasty dishes you need the best produce which elevates the dishes from decent to successful, this is why the heart of all our school meals are the ingredients we use for our meals, which are locally sourced fresh produce.

We cater to all educational institutions in the Birmingham area from nurseries to universities, why not try our hot or cold meals for students and remember we never compromise on quality.

If you are looking for an experienced catering team to improve and work closely with staff to create freshly prepared healthy meals for your school.

Every aspect of a child’s life Helps shape our future leaders

Contact us today to learn how we can develop a custom menu for your schools needs.

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